Currently only available for Android.

Call Mask - Create disposable/temporary telephone numbers to help keep your own number private and hidden. All numbers include calling, sms, voicemail, text-to-speech, and incoming faxing and voice changing.

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Take control of your privacy. Avoid sharing your personal phone number by creating a Callmask and sharing your new temporary number instead. Callmask provides a small privacy layer which you can control -- your temporary number does not track back to your actual number. No more spam, stalkers or annoying “friends” latching on to your regular phone number.

CallMask is the perfect tool for communicating through calling or texting without having to worry about your personal or private phone numbers being public. When the temporary number is no longer needed, simply dispose of it. Temporary numbers are perfect for different situations:
• Buying or selling in classifieds ( Craigslist, newspapers, etc. )
• Job searches
• Dating
• Social Networking ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. )

• Incoming and outgoing voice calls
• Incoming and outgoing text messages (SMS)
• Text-to-speech audio call
• Outbound Voice Changing
• Voicemail
• Incoming faxes (beta)
• Create multiple phone numbers
• Available phone numbers in most U.S. cities

• Each temporary phone number has the ability to disable incoming call or incoming text messages when needed.
• Enable or disable the voicemail system. This will allow incoming calls to hit your carrier's voicemail system.
• Dispose of you mask at any time when you no longer need it.

• Callers will only know about your temporary number and will never see your actual phone number.
• All call and text message history is stored in the app and not in your phone's dialer or text message application.
• When a temporary number has been disposed, all logs are removed from the application.